This costume was part of a performance! I sat under this crochet cone for about 30 minutes, and ate 10 bananas.

Thinking about comfort, consumption, excess, dehumanization, and delicious bananas.


A lot of people found the performance stressful, cause 10 bananas is a lot. Not enough to give you radiation poisoning, but you get sick of the texture after the second one. Apparently there was a moment where my posture lurched forwards, and folks thought I was about to hurl.

But, since we're all friends here, I'll let you in on a secret below the banana...





For the live version, I had a fanny pack on under the cone, and I stashed the banana meat in there after eating the first one. I just stalled and tried to look like I was eating bananas.

I get that endurance is a whole thing about performance art, but personally I don't feel like banana-based gastrointenstinal distress is worth a silly performance art piece.

But let's keep that on the website, huh? ;)


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