The artist, pictured having a hobby

Kate Forer (they/he/she) (b.1999,jfc) is an artist working in Madison, Wi. Forer recieved a BA in Art and Art History from Southern Illinois University - Carbondale, and will recieve an MFA in Fine Art from University of Wisconsin - Madison in spring 2024. Forer's work pulls influence from literature, internet culture, art historical references and theory, and prioritizes humor and comedy as important aesthetic elements.

Art threatens to consume their life. Post duchamp, post postmodernism, one may wonder what can't be considered art. Forer is haunted by this history, as every part of their life is graudally subsumed by the performance-of-a-person turned into a shakey career path. But there's gotta be a real boy somewhere under all the jargon, right?

When they aren't making art (or doing something related), Forer can be found practicing accordion, perfecting their homemade pizza sauce recipe, watching video essays about nintendo classsics, and being moved by the splendor of existence (in spite of it all).

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